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House Call With Michael Kelly: On Working With Fincher, Returning Favours & Doing What It Takes As Doug Stamper

If anything is indicative of Michael Kelly’s (@michaeljkellyjr) versatility as a performer it’s how incredibly different he is from House of Cards (@HouseofCards) doppelgänger Doug Stamper. Immediately affable, humble and forthcoming in real life, Kelly conversely plays Stamper with the … Continue reading

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House Call With Corey Stoll: The Morality & Universality of Peter Russo

Corey Stoll, who plays House of Card’s (@HouseofCards) troubled and tragic emotional/moral compass, Congressman Peter Russo, has become an expert at intense, unrelenting, committed and scene-stealing performances. A Manhattan native, he has woven his way through stage, film and television for over … Continue reading

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Beware The Ides of March

March is going to bring our readers more geeking out with in-depth show analysis, including some of our first video blogs breaking down some of the filmic techniques (editing, shot selection, music, etc.) used to shoot some of the more … Continue reading

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