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Entropy demands the end of all things, even for Mad Men

By Mohamad El Masri Mad Men, arguably one of the finest literary and cinematic achievements the last six decades of post-modernism has wrought, comes to an end tomorrow night. The series finale brings with it melancholy more than anticipation. Creator … Continue reading

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And…we’re back!

We were on the HoC love train before it was too cool for school. Proud to be early adopters. Stay tuned because LITHOC has a slew of amazing new content coming your way for both Season 1 & 2. More deep dives. … Continue reading

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THR: ‘Continuum’ Creator Simon Barry, Stephen Hegyes Launch Genre Production Company

The below is fantastic news from The Hollywood Reporter ( The Vancouver-based Reality Distortion Field will develop original sci-fi, horror and fantasy film and TV content for a global fanboy audience. TORONTO — Former Brightlight Pictures partner Stephen Hegyes has pacted with Continuumcreator and … Continue reading

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Bringing Down The House: Disruptive Branding & Films

In Bringing Down The House we explore television and film industry trends. The marketing push behind films like Gravity, Blue Is The Warmest Colour and 12 Years A Slave show a growing trend. In an industry now dominated by franchises, remakes, sequels … Continue reading

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Renovating The House

When Living In The House of Cards launched in February of this year, it was partly in devotion to a groundbreaking, complex and grown-up TV format produced and delivered to audiences in ways that hadn’t been before. Although the groundswell building towards this … Continue reading

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12 Years A Slave: The Innovative Nature of Hate

I wouldn’t describe 12 Years A Slave as an ‘enjoyable’ film. The intent, as it should have been, was to make an essential piece of art that was viscerally honest about slavery and the nature of people and power of … Continue reading

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SHOWTIME’s Masters of Sex: Best of the Fall Slate

SHOWTIME’s Masters of Sex is a fascinating new show based on the true story of Masters & Johnson. Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan deliver two characters audiences can invest in. One troubled and the other naive. The supporting cast is … Continue reading

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