Renovating The House

When Living In The House of Cards launched in February of this year, it was partly in devotion to a groundbreaking, complex and grown-up TV format produced and delivered to audiences in ways that hadn’t been before. Although the groundswell building towards this ‘revolution’ was long in the making, House of Cards signalled the formal evolution of ‘television’ from a pure medium of content delivery, to content and format itself. In other words, TV was still TV, but no longer on TV.

This blog was also launched in part thanks to a deep and abiding love for cinema, on television or otherwise. Also for a wish to create a space where we could share in contemplation over deeper, more layered elements of the cinematic art form — its politics, culture, economics, race, class and gender. How did these things seep into and influence our interpretation of the work executed by the best in their field and at their craft? And, above all, why?

Going forward Living In The House of Cards will use the same analytical and intellectual approaches we’ve taken in our singular break downs of HoC to the broader world of television, film and the business of it all. This means other shows, more writers and a greater variety of insight. Our mandate has never been to offer up episodic recaps or straight on reviews — because those are available in many other places and in better ways . Rather, our intent is to pontificate, philosophize, wax poetic and dig deep into the most prolific and influential of modern art forms: cinema.

All in good fun and with a wink, of course.

Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to Renovating The House

  1. verdadista says:

    Dude give a holla – we met last year, Im Beaus publicist but also working on 12 Years a Slave!

  2. nswfm says:

    I thought your analyses of the HoC episodes were very astute and was hoping to read your thoughts on all of them. After watching all the 1st season, for some reason, I’m reminded of the film The Grifters and the final scene with Angelica Houston.

    • Thanks very much for reading.

      We do have more coming on the rest of Season 1, especially in the build up to Season 2 (which should be out in February sometime if reports are to be believed, though nothing official has been announced). It’s a considerable time commitment and things have been very busy as of late — but we have lots to say about the latter half of season 1. We can also begin speculating about Season 2. We also have interviews with Mahershalla Ali, Sakina Jaffry and Beau Willimon that we haven’t published yet. Lots to catch up and lots of fun to be had. Thanks gain for reading.

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