House Keeping: The Weeks Ahead On LITHOC


Hope you politics, film and House of Cards junkies are holding up well and having as good a time as we are on Living In The House Of Cards (@livingintheHOC). Catching up with you all and letting you know what’s going down in the weeks ahead. Here’s what we’re working on for the next few days of House of Cards geek-outs and overdosing:

1. Character and broader contextual analysis for Russo (and by extension Christina), Janine, Stamper and Remy. Each of these characters are representative of a sector of politics, media and corporate America and as such make a considerable amount of commentary on the state of these institutions.

2. Gearing up for Chapter 5 & 6 analysis and the half-way mark of Season 1.

3. Zooming out for a bit of insider industry flim-flam when we profile the work and legacy of Kevin Spacey & Dana Brunetti’s Trigger Street Productions and Trigger Street Labs.

4. Cast interviews and much more!

Stay close on the ol’ Twitter feed and feel free to drop us any feedback about what you’d like to see on our blog.


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