Counting Cards: 10 Burning Questions

Janine wants answers too.

Janine wants answers too.

Three Chapters into House of Cards and we have a ton of investigative reporter type questions we’ll be looking to get answered as the season rolls along. These are just some of them, but maybe there are more of your own questions you’d like to share with us on Twitter @livingintheHOC.

1. What is Frank’s middle name?

2. So far, HOC has been (physical) violence free but in everyone’s quest for power, it seems only inevitable: Who will be the first character to show their capability for violence or even murder?

3. What secrets and demons haunt Claire and who is Adam?

4. Will we ever get to meet the fine folks at SANCORP and will their interests ever clash with Franks machinations?

frank smiling

5. Why was Frank really passed over for Secretary of State and what price will Katherine Durrant have to pay for winning the spoils of Frank’s war against Michael Kern?

6. Will Peter’s self-destructive nature get the best of him and how long will Christina put up with his relapses?

7. Doesn’t Frank see his relationship with Zoe coming back to haunt him? Is he playing the long con or is Frank getting a little desperate/sloppy as things get increasingly flirtatious between the two of them?

8. Is Frank’s end game the presidency and how deep does Doug Stamper’s loyalty run on his boss’s ride to the top?

9. What role will the uppity body-guard Edward Meechum ultimately play and where the hell is Steve?

10. Who is and why did he/she take the photo of Frank checking out Zoe at the NCFPA in Chapter 1? Was it just the paps and a mere coincidence or a coordinated hit by Zoe? Or Frank? Or a mysterious third-party?

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2 Responses to Counting Cards: 10 Burning Questions

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s with Claire and the refrigerator? Does she have an eating disorder? She seems a little OCD about the running….

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